Balloon Maestro

A trailblazing balloon innovator.

Sean Rooney is an artist who uses balloons in a delightfully original way.
He has developed techniques to make magic, music, fashion, sculpture, puppets, and sound effects using balloons as his sole visible (and acoustic) prop. His performances are fun, funny, and tuned to each particular audience, and his sculptures have been featured in major museums and festivals.

Balloon Maestro


Catch Balloon Maestro daily!
From August 2-5 on Sparks Street, Ottawa

August 2nd


6:30 PM • Ontario Stage

August 3rd


10 PM • Ontario Stage
5 PM • Canada Stage

August 4th


12 PM • Ontario Stage
7 PM • Ontario Stage
9 PM • The Art Department Stage

August 5th


8 PM • Ontario Stage
1:30 PM • Magic 100.3 Stage
5 PM • The Art Department Stage

August 6th


1:30 PM • CTV Stage
5 PM • Canada Stage