Fraser Hooper

“Perfect comic timing, Hooper is super” -The Sunday Mail Australia

Direct from Wellington, New Zealand, the world’s only former menswear
manager turned street fighting clown, boxing’s biggest baddy, Fraser
Hooper, will dare to challenge all comers in a three-round bout of pure
comedy carnage. This is a must-see for all sport and comedy fans
everywhere. Get a ringside seat for a guaranteed
belly-aching knockout performance by an
artist who’s been performing for 27 years in
over 30 countries.
Award-winning clown and festival
favourite, Fraser Hooper returns after the
worldwide success of Funny Business
and Insideout with another mesmeric
mime show. With classic ingredients of
hilarious audience involvement, ridiculous routines
and a complete disregard for his own safety, you won’t
want to miss this legendary performer.

Fraser Hooper


Catch Fraser Hooper
From August 2-5 on Sparks Street, Ottawa

August 2nd


2 PM • CTV Stage
7:30 PM ∙ CTV Stage

August 3rd


2 PM • CTV Stage
7:30 PM • CTV Stage

August 4th


1 PM • Ontario Stage
5 PM • Ontario Stage
7:30 PM • Magic 100.3 Stage

August 5th


12 PM • Ontario Stage
4:30 PM • Magic 100.3 Stage
7:30 PM • The Art Department Stage

August 6th


12:30 PM • Ontario Stage
7 PM • Canada Stage