Her Majesty’s Secret Circus

International Comic Espionage!

Agents Honeymoon and Butterfly are on a mission: save humanity with laughter, one show at a time. Wearing ridiculous action suits, they perform a spectacular fire juggling act and enlist the help of civilian sleeper agents. Then, in Operation Grand Finale, they shoot the world’s only bow and plunger high into the sky and catch it atop a giant one-wheeled stealth cycle. An amazing and hilarious spy-fi experience, Her Majesty’s Secret Circus truly has a license to thrill.

Since 2012, Brent McCoy and Maya McCoy have been covertly traveling the globe with their unique brand of comic espionage. They’ve appeared in festivals, fairs, cruise ships, and theaters in more than a dozen countries. They’ve won People’s Choice Awards at premiere street theater festivals, appeared on NBC’s “The Gong Show”, where Mike Myers called them “a Class Act”, and charmed thousands of people with their original, character-driven performances.

The Checkerboard Guy


Catch The Checkerboard Guy daily!
From August 2-5 on Sparks Street, Ottawa

August 6th


10 AM • Stage 3

August 7th


10 AM • Stage 3

August 8th


10 AM • Stage 3

August 9th


10 AM • Stage 3

August 10th


10 AM • Stage 3