Les Dudes – Stories in the City

In the world of stories anything can happen! With physical comedy, music and circus we invite you to imagine, enjoy and have fun. Who knows, you might even get to discover your inner prince or princess during the show.

Les Dudes combine circus skills with clever comedy, live music and
storytelling without words. The first show, “Let’s do this!” (which includes
the world’s smallest teeterboard) premiered in 2013 and has since then
travelled to 29 countries.

Their second show, “Stories in the city” is an interactive street theatre
performance inspired by the stories and imagination of the Danish writer, H.C. Andersen

Les Dudes


Catch Les Dudes
From August 2-5 on Sparks Street, Ottawa

August 2nd


6 PM • Magic 100.3 Stage

August 3rd


11 AM • Canada Stage
8 PM • Canada Stage

August 4th


August 5th


11:30 PM • Magic 100.3 Stage
8:30 PM • Magic 100.3 Stage
6 PM • The Art Department Stage

August 6th


12:30 PM • Magic 100.3 Stage
3:30 PM • Magic 100.3 Stage