Mighty Quinn Show

Big unicycing comedy!

Acrobat, unicyclist, juggler, comedian, actor, public speaker, fire performer, Quinn’s a jack of all trades that ticks nearly every box you could ask for. 

Representing clients such as Cirque du Soleil, the Government of Malaysia, Edinburgh Fringe and HSBC, Quinn’s highly accomplished “Mighty Quinn” has charmed audiences in over fifteen different countries and has been viewed over 350k times on Youtube. This multi-disciplinary act engages the audience with a deeply personal message about overcoming personal shortcomings to pursue one’s dreams. The narrative of perseverance and hard work is all the easier to realize as Quinn draws people in with hand balancing, juggling, diabolo, original comedy and the only Canadian 10ft tall unicycle show.

As well as touring as a professional cirque artist, Quinn is committed to inspiring today’s youth to follow their dreams and in doing so, has represented international social circus Spark Circus in Thailand and spoken an a guest speaker on TedX Youth. In his TedX Youth talk, Quinn explores issues, ideas and questions that are central to young people today. His talk has been viewed over 5.5K times on Youtube.

Quinn’s message has proven to hold strong on some of the world’s most difficult street pitches and his show is adaptable to any audience, anywhere in the world. This show is guaranteed to be the show everyone is talking about for years to come.

Quinn is an active member in the Vancouver stand up comedy and film industry and works tirelessly to entertain his audience.Having been performed in over 40 counties this show is guaranteed to be a hit!

The Checkerboard Guy


Catch The Checkerboard Guy daily!
From August 2-5 on Sparks Street, Ottawa

August 6th


10 AM • Stage 3

August 7th


10 AM • Stage 3

August 8th


10 AM • Stage 3

August 9th


10 AM • Stage 3

August 10th


10 AM • Stage 3