Silver Sisters / Hercinia Arts

Old ladies performing aerial stunts?!?

Opportunity strikes when these grey-haired ladies happen upon an abandoned busking pitch. “The show must go on!” so they take to the stage and sky for the most hilarious and unexpected display of aerial expertise and acrobatic stunts imaginable!

A comedic aerial circle show featuring acrobatics, slapstick humour and high skilled aerial acts, this troupe knows how to win over the hearts of their fans with their quirky interactions and stupendous skills. Reminiscing about their hay day in the spotlight as former circus performers, these grannies perform acts that nobody else their age can do, sometimes even surprising themselves in the process.

The Checkerboard Guy


Catch The Checkerboard Guy daily!
From August 2-5 on Sparks Street, Ottawa

August 6th


10 AM • Stage 3

August 7th


10 AM • Stage 3

August 8th


10 AM • Stage 3

August 9th


10 AM • Stage 3

August 10th


10 AM • Stage 3