Rob Roy Collins

Rob Roy Collins is an escape artist from the United Kingdom and his escape stunts have taken him around the world. He has hung from cranes, billboards and even helicopters and has escaped from strait jackets, chains and handcuffs.

Expect jokes, acrobatics and an escape finale high above the audience’s heads.

His comedy and showmanship won Rob the Ottawa Buskerfest People’s Choice Best Act  Award in 2014, and he is now back for his third time at Ottawa Buskerfest.

HASA: The Aerial Space Show

An intergalactic aerial circle show where the sky is, literally, the limit. A high energy skill-show that takes its audience on a journey through the outer limits of space. Using an aerial rig as a spaceship, these acrobatic astronauts explore what it means to fly.

HASA: The Aerial Space Show, brings together 4 cirque-style aerial dance performances, into one intergalactic show. As the spaceship prepares to take off the aerial explorers of Hercinia Arts Collective embark on a mission to boldly go where no circus show has gone before.

Established in 2009, Hercinia Arts Collective is a group of circus performers that create groundbreaking performances and memorable characters. Their members have been featured on TV, stage and street, and they have performed around the world. With backgrounds in aerial, dance and theatre, Hercinia Arts Collective works to entertain their audience through high skill level and a genuine sense of play.

“They leave a crowd gob-smacked with an outstanding lasting impression.”
-Deanna Jones, Artistic Director, Suitcase in Point Theatre Company

Circus Firemen

Angus and Matilda are the Circus Firemen! They turn up the heat with high energy acrobatics, red hot juggling, and searing Australian comedy. In their death defying finale, they balance precariously on 2 ladders while juggling fire!  It’s firemen themed circus at it’s very best!

Winner of the 2011 Kingston Busker Rendezvous People’s choice award, they have been performing together since 2003. They are both highly trained circus school graduates of the National Institute of Circus arts (2009), have toured with other circus companies and have also entertained a plethora of audiences at corporate events and cruise ships. It is street performing that launched their career as circus artists and still remains their passion as they find it the most fun, exciting medium of entertainment.

The Big Wheel Show

One of the biggest circus props to be used by any performer in the world, Hannah is bringing THE BIG WHEEL to the street. Contorting through rings, hula hooping and rolling about, she turns upside down and round and round. Audiences will be left with heads spinning, just hoping for another round. Wheely! Dazzling, dizzying, death defying, all in a day’s work.

Hannah is a multi-award winning circus performer whose unique skills on the German Wheel have taken her around the world. As one of the world’s only female street performers, she has aimed to separate herself from the pack and produce something truly distinctive. She is a graduate of Flipside Circus and the National Institute of Circus Arts and, as an adult, has pursued further training in both Spain and Canada. Hannah is a strong woman, acrobat, aerialist, clown, street performer and teacher, and Circus is her life as she has literally been performing since she was 9 years old.

Becky Hoops

Becky charms and cracks up her public combining absurd characters and her many hula hoops. She hoops in an unconventional, quirky fashion, using parody and humour to touch her public. While she performs internationally, she is currently based in Montreal, Canada.

Duo Hoops: One enormous hula hoop plus two eccentric characters equals loads of fun. David and Becky are a lovable, dynamic duo, despite their flaring personality differences. Duo Hoops will dazzle you as much with their tricks as their bizarre wit and absurd humour. They come together to hula hoop (with hoops of all sizes), juggle and toss each other around.


If you’re one of those people who struggles to even cross your legs while sitting, your jaw will drop in awe upon seeing Alakazam. Born in Sydney, Australia, Al is literally THE HUMAN KNOT and has performed his one-man show in 36 countries over the past 20 years. Through body contortions, truckloads of Aussie charm and daredevil-esqute feats, you’ll marvel at Al’s fast paced and hilarious show and see why he’s considered one of the world’s best buskers.

“The greatest street performer I have ever seen”

Her Magesty’s Secret Circus

Honeymoon and Butterfly are on a mission to save the planet from boredom… one show at a time. These highly trained covert agents shoot the world’s only bow and plunger-arrow high into the sky and catch it on a tiny target, on a giant stealth cycle, in ridiculous action suits. Aided by moderately high IQs, audience sleeper agents, and all the elements of a spy thriller spoof, Her Majesty’s Secret Circus is comic espionage at its finest.

Winner of the 2015 People’s Choice Award at Kingston Buskers Rendevous

Zap Circus

Don’t miss this internationally awarded, high energy circus and fire duo! After WOWing audiences across the globe, from over 30 countries across 5 continents, and receiving the 2015 XTREME Award, this truly is a world class spectacle!

Tarrabelle and Rusty will lead you on a hilariously death-defying adventure through circus and love, culminating in an unbelievable finale of Acrobatics, Fire and Stupidity! You won’t want to miss “Purple People” day show, and the “CIRCUS FIRE Spectacular!” evening show!

“Jaw-dropping, thrilling stunts…the ideal show if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary…perfect!”
– The West Australian Newspaper

Georg Viktor Emmanuel

Georg Viktor Emmanuel creates music with his voice only – no instruments.  He combines Dnb_Dub_HipHop_Pop_Rock elements in his very unique way to create an unexpected sound experience along with words that will move your mind. By recording his mouth-made drum, bass, keys, trumpet, guitar sounds in real-time on a loop station, he creates a playback live on the spot and sings on top of it with energy, passion and soul – making people dance and party!

Georg Viktor has brought his show already to 18 countries on 3 continents, has won multiple competitions, was a guest on TV and Radio shows in several countries, and is a two-time finalist of the Boss-Looper-World-Championship.

Fraser Hooper

Direct from Wellington, New Zealand, the world’s only former menswear manager turned street fighting clown, Boxing’s Biggest Baddy Fraser Hooper, will dare to challenge all comers in a three round bout of pure comedy carnage. This is a must see for all sport and comedy fans everywhere. Get a ringside seat for a guaranteed belly-aching knockout performance.

Award winning clown and festival favourite, Fraser Hooper returns after the worldwide success of Funny Business and Insideout with another mesmeric mime show. With classic ingredients of hilarious audience involvement, ridiculous routines and a complete disregard for his own safety, you won’t want to miss this legendary performer who has been performing/playing for 27 years in over 30 countries.

“Perfect comic timing, Hooper is super”
The Sunday Mail Australia

Francois “Chalky” Pelletier

Francois Pelletier (aka Chalky) has been transforming sidewalks into masterpieces from one end of the globe to the other.  Following the ancient Italian tradition of the Madonnari (pavement) artists, Chalky has polished his craft for over 19 years proudly bringing to the street various major artworks from Da Vinci, Caravaggio and Delacroix amongst others, as well as many personal compositions.  His medium being chalks and pastels, and his canvas being the footpath, folks don’t miss the chance to get a close look at his work that is temporary in nature, but promises to leave a strong, long lasting impression.

Pancho Libre

2017 Ottawa People’s Choice Award Winner

Francisco started his career in Mexico City at a time when circus was a rather inaccessible art form for Mexicans.

Determined to pursue his dreams, he traveled to Cuba to study under the ex-Olympic gymnast and head coach of Cuba’s National Circus School, Felix Roche. Impressed by the reputation and inspired by the discipline and dedication of the ancient art of acrobatics in China, Francisco then traveled across the Pacific Ocean to Beijing, China, and became the first Mexican to train with the world renowned Chinese Circus at their homebase, the National Circus School of China.

Francisco spent two years under a grueling regime of training up to 50 hours a week alongside some of the world’s greatest acrobats. After his time in China, Francisco worked as a highly sought after independent artist performing regularly both internationally and in his home country, Mexico.

He has taken his technical skills and his love of interacting with people to become Pancho Libre, a true entertainer.

Spring Action Trampoline

High-flying, electrifying family fun… prepare to laugh, groan, and be amazed! Action-packed from start to finale with stunning trampoline skill, awesome acrobatics, and gut-busting comedy – you will need to check this show it out!

Spring Action’s TRAMP-OLYMPIAN SHOW features the high flying flips of Canadian Trampoline Olympian, Heather Ross McManus, and the crazy comedy and acrobatic antics of Sean McManus.

These internationally renowned trampoline performers present a one-of-a-kind family show that is flippin’ funny and super skillful. And with the show taking place 20 feet in the air, everyone is assured to have VIP seating!

Gentleman Juggler – Mat Ricardo

Mat learned his craft on the cobblestones of Covent Garden and remains one of the most quick-witted, well-travelled and sharply-dressed entertainers on the international busking circuit. He can be relied on to pull a crowd and then reduce them to hysterics, all while showing them tricks they’ve never seen before, and might still think are impossible.